R packages

Description: independencepvalue is an R package that tests the independence between two groups of Gaussian variables, where the groups were obtained by thresholding the correlation matrix, detailed in Saha, Witten and Bien (2022)

Description: RandomForestsGLS is a package for fitting non-linear regression models on dependent data (spatial and temporal) with Generalised Least Square (GLS) based Random Forest (RF-GLS) detailed in Saha, Basu and Datta (2021). 17,000+ CRAN Downloads as of September 2023.

Description: BRISC is a package for rapid estimation, prediction, and inference for large spatial data in a frequentist setup. BRISC estimation and prediction rely on nearest neighbor approximations of the spatial Gaussian Process likelihood and use a scalable parametric bootstrap to provide inference for all spatial parameters. 34,000+ CRAN Downloads as of September 2023.